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Donate your time, resources, and experiences to the NGO Ishinde Youth Initiative  We are a volunteer-based charitable group based  in Tanzania dedicated to helping youth women and children.

Your financial support helps fund NGO activities during various needs including the feeding the children in Kindergarten and various group projects

.As a member, you can participate in monthly meetings, receive newsletters and alerts about ISHINDE YOUTH events, and contribute your time and talent to provide valuable inputs to the Organisation efforts. Young professionals are welcome and have reduced membership rates. Internships are also available.


Motivation and sense of achievement

Motivation and sense of achievement

volunteerFundamentally, volunteering is about giving your time, energy and skills freely.  Unlike many things in life there is choice involved in volunteering. As a volunteer you have made a decision to help on your own accord, free from pressure to act from others.  Volunteers predominantly express a sense of achievement and motivation, and this is ultimately generated from your desire and enthusiasm to help. Sometimes volunteers are regarded as do-gooders and those that hold that view also assume that one person can never make a difference. It may be true that no one person can solve all the world’s problems, but what you can do is make that little corner of the world where you live just that little bit better.



1. Minimum duration for volunteers should be more than one week while maximum should be one year.
2. Volunteer will be asked to pay transport from the airport to the village.
3. Volunteer will be asked to pay 170usd per month for food, transport and bedding.
4. Volunteer will not allowed going out of school without permission from the Director.
5. As we’re one family volunteer will not allowed to give any gifts to one child (a small could make all happy)but when awarding them for a job well done is highly encouraged to make them motivated and focused.
6. School rules and regulations are for ALL.
7. Going outside of school compound with a child without permission is not allowed.
8. If one feels like giving gifts to the children he/she is encouraged to consult the management.

1. Security.
2. Accommodation.
3. Safe and Clean Water.
4. Local tour during the weekend in and out the village.
5. Medical consultation.
6. Organizing big tour to the National parks which volunteers will be required to pay for themselves.
7. Washing clothes and rooms once a week.
8. Awarding a Certificate and recognition of the stay and other academic document if necessary.
9. Orientation.
10. We will be having games with children.

Our Bank account for your donations


 Our Bank account for your donations:


         ACCOUNT NUMBER 3301122752 


          BRANCH CODE: 4603

People donating from Germany and wishing to have a tax reduction sheet, should channel it through our partner Social Business Stiftung  

With a direct transfer to their bank account (minimizes costs) or PayPal

People donating worldwide, who want to use PayPal, should channel it through our partner Social Business Stiftung