shIshinde Youth Initiative Organization registered as a nonprofit Organization on October 2014, intends to work closely with the Tanzanian education department to build inquiring and collaborative learners Thru Kindergarten Schools without religious, political or governmental affiliation.
The organization believes that this work has had and will continue to have a positive impact on increasing the enrollment of children in school, improving student retention, raising local awareness about what makes vulnerable children and engaging communities to initiate their own project to address children vulnerability.
 In 2015, 6 kids were supported, for a total of 6 were full paid school fees for Boarding among of those kids were from Maasai society.
We invite you to fight alongside and help us help hundreds more Children and then Keep Going.

Our Five Project Areas: 
• Child Protection 
• Water Project Thru borehole management
• Basic Quality Education and Early Childhood Development Thru Secondary Education
• Environmental Conservation Thru Planting trees in Schools
• Women Empowerment Thru Chicken Farming






After the death of my father in 1994 that is when I started staying with the family of Mr. Moses

Tezura at Ishinde, Same district, Kilimanjaro province in Tanzania. I was taken in by this family

To assist me in my education because they had realized my mum being a widow was struggling

To care for the family and pay for our school fees. This is mainly because at that time there was

No free education and for one to have a child join school, he was required to pay a particular

Fee. For that reason, it was hard for many families to take their children to school unlike today.

Later, I was able to join class one at Ishinde primary school and I was very excited because I

Used to see my friends every time I used to see them going to school every day of the

Week. I was lucky since I had passed the required age according to laws of Tanzania which

Requires every child to join class one at age of seven years. I joined class one when I was eleven years

Old. I never minded but I worked hard and I used to be among the top students, and later I

Become the class prefect and school head of prefect. That was my life at primary school.

After national exam of class seven I passed and I joined Vumari/Itango Secondary School. While

Still at Reverend Moses Tezura’s place well wishers decided to pay my secondary school fees. Those

Well-wishers were Germans by names Haker and Friederich families. God bless them. Through their

Support I was able to go through secondary school and University where I was awarded Diploma

in Human Resource Management  in Institute of  Social Work under the ministry of health In Dar es Salaam.


Later I had an opportunity to go to German in 2013/2014 for practical training on kindergarten

at Schwerin and Hamburg. I had a good time and I learnt a lot that has been of help to my

Society in Tanzania. After being in Germany for a while I was inspired to assist the society

Mainly young children since I learnt if a child doesn’t get assisted to acquire education while still

Young his or her future plans are never realized. In that urge I saw the importance of bringing

my fellow youths together and we formed an NGO which we named it Ishide Youth Initiative

Organization (www.ishindeyouthinitiative.or.tz) and it was registered by the ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children on 2014.

I thank all the youth who have been supporting me in all this.


Through this initiative we have been able to build kindergarten at Ishinde, Same district which

has been of great help to the children of Ishinde and neighboring areas. We have been able to

Assist several children who have completed class seven at Ishinde primary school mostly girls by

Finding them sponsors to support for their fees of joining boarding schools.

We have been able to provide water pump to Ishinde with an aim of making clean water

Available to the society. The environment this area is very hot especially the dry season

Compared to other times of the year. And before people used to harvest a lot but because of

the weather change people nowadays they don’t harvest a lot.

And because of that we have started planting trees in schools and teaching children the

Important of planting trees and also how to take care of environment.


The challenges are still especially in education, water land health. so we are requesting our

friends and donors to collaborate with the government so that we can be able to fight poverty in

Many areas in Tanzania

And the Government to recognize the donation and the part being played by NGO and work

Together with them because the goal is ONE, to fight poverty, upgrade education for all, health

For all and bringing development in the country of Tanzania.

Written by:

Noel kipesha

Founder and Ceo iyi-org





Our Mission Is to Facilitate the Provision of Equal Education and Social Services to the Most Vulnerable Children through effective Coordination of various Stakeholders, Good Governance and the use of both Internal and External resources for the welfare of Children and Community Development


Our Vision is to bring Hope and a Future to Tanzania’s Most Vulnerable Children through Kindergarten Education.



1.1 Location and administration
Ishinde village is in Same District Kilimanjaro region in Northern Tanzania. It lies between longitude 34° 45° E- 35° 15° E and latitude 3° 30°S and 4° 15° S. The office is situated at village 10km from Same town the village near from the high way from Dar es salaam to Arusha whereby Same is the main station and Ishinde is substation. According to the villagers information which comprises more sub villages that around in Ishinde the area has population of 6000 comprising of 2000 adult male 2100 adult female 1100 boys and 900 girls. The inhabitants of the area are Pare who are the majority, Chaga and other tribes are the minority.Ishinde area one ward with more than ten villages namely:Igongo,Kigogo,Morondwe,Njoro,Emuguri,Kiriveni,Kavambughu,matongo,Minyala,Mbono,Kizungo,Vumari.

1.2 Religion and cultural information
Denominations present within Ishinde are Christian and Muslim where by Christians seems to be majority 70% while Muslim and other religion is 30% Together with majority of Christian but they are divided to Evangelical Lutheran and Catholic Lutheran is the dominant Christian denomination in Ishinde followed by Catholic. Church unity occurs in events like funeral and wedding ceremonies. Preaching good news in most cases is conducted by individual denominations according to their doctrines.
Most cultural practices in the area favor men especially in decision making and ownership of family resources. The role of women and girls in the family include fetching water and firewood, cooking, cleaning of the surroundings, caring for babies and washing dishes while men are the head of the family to the extent of having all power particularly in family level and village wise. we as an organization we try to make the society being flexible as a result of giving rights to the women and children like right of going to School and right of speaking to the women in the family how now the changes is very high due to big numbers of children are going to school.

1.3 Relief,vegetation and climate
1.3.1 Relief 
Low land: wind flow from East to Wes and red soil I cover the area the area is not suitable for pastures and agricultural activities because it affected with drought as a result of people growing maize and beans but due to insufficient rainfall per year the area is facing with hunger.
Central highlands: This area is covered with natural forests and the area is suitable for agriculture and crop cultivation whereby the area covered by natural forests known as Pare Mountains in this case there to some extent people from low lands moved to central highlands during the rainfall season on the sake agriculture purposes

1.3.2 Climate
An average rainfall is between 550mm and 850mm although in some cases we can experience rainfall of about 1500mm this was in the year 1997/98 where there was EL-NINO rains. The area gets rainfall from November to May every year and the remaining months are usually dry. However rainfall seasons is quite changed compared to the years of 1990,s a result of many areas affected with drought and having little rain per year which is pit for the farmers who are depending on rain seasons. Average temperature in Ishinde ranges from 18 degree centigrade to 35 centigrade.
1.4 Economic Activities
The main economic activities here are Agriculture and Animal keeping rearing. More than 90% 0f the population is engaged in farming activities, eg cultivation of crops whereby the main crops cultivated are maize, beans, groundnuts, and fiwi. This is peasantry farming due to the fact that the majority produce for home consumption, small amount of the crops are sold to earn money for other domestic uses. Beans and groundnuts are produced as cash crops.
Some community members are dealing with businesses like managing shops and tea rooms particularly those who are living at District headquarters which is in Same.