The story of Quadruplets

Nipaneema Nathaniel, a mother who had given birth to 4 children Elisha, Elia, Esther and Ebenezer who are now in standard 2 received a visit from one of our staff this week.

The children are doing well in school and continue growing health wise. However, their mother is facing a healthy challenges since she gave birth to those kids as she didn’t receive proper healthy preparations which caused her spinal injuries that she hasn’t recovered from.

These injuries forced her to stop her normal life as she used to do entrepreneurial activities that she can no longer do. She was attending clinic at Muhimbili Hospital who suggested that they should keep checking before they decide if it required surgery or not.

However, since she stopped what she was doing, her life has been difficult hence, she has failed to attend clinic and she can’t even afford An MRI scan which she’s supposed to take so that she can be advised whether to undergo surgery or not.

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