While we are still struggling with the running costs of the school, we would like to thank all the people who have been supporting in one way or another. Mostly German( *Dauerspender* ) community and friends who have been with us from the idea up to where we are now. For this case we would like to thank *Cindy Green*(Vermonter) who has been supporting the operation costs since January, her $100 per month contribution has helped us add another teacher who is paid by her contribution.

Parents of the children at our kindergarten are also part of the contributors by contributing $5 per child per month which covers the costs for food

We believe if we have more donors and well wishers the school will grow with new light and glomour of hope then we can be able to pay our teachers well and give them all the employment benefits so that they can be more motivated and work harder as a result of development that build by people themselves.

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