Kindergarten Project Progress and Support

Ishinde Youth initiative would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication provided by the volunteers and staff serving the FIDELIA MEMORIAL KINDERGARTEN. Their efforts in making our community a place where we can all work, play, exercise, and enjoy our families and friends contributes to the quality of life for all of us.

Our recognition goes to Dr. Marion Meyenburg-Stiftung for her effort to ensure the kindergarten fully functional and have enough supplies, her contribution includes:

  1. 5 study Tables
  2. 25 chairs and
  3. 30 mattresses

IMG-20190117-WA0063 IMG-20190101-WA0035 IMG-20190114-WA0023 IMG-20190101-WA0030 IMG_20190101_101302 IMG_20181218_113209 IMG_20181108_153446

 FIDELIA MEMORIAL KINDERGARTEN has over the years improved thanks to our supporters and sponsors

other pictures of the kindergarten below:

IMG-20181107-WA0001 IMG-20181106-WA0042 IMG-20181106-WA0039 IMG_20190102_125606 IMG_20181129_095756 IMG_20181129_072849 IMG_20181129_072836 IMG_20181119_101239 IMG_20181116_140314 IMG_20181108_153446 IMG_20181106_203417 IMG_20181106_203403 IMG_20181106_203212 IMG_20181105_091534 IMG_20181105_091505 IMG_20181105_091400

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