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*** Donation Kindergarden Ishinde/Tanzania ***

Dear friends,

2 years ago during my stay in Tanzania I got involved into a project that is trying to build up Kindergardens in the northern part of Tanzania.

It is my friend Noel Kipesha ( Noel Germany Omar ) who initiated this ambitious project by having one basic idea:

“Long term Development by education”.

The project is based on two cooperating pillars:

The work in Tanzania is organized and supervised by tanzanian students gathered together in the “ishinde youth initative” (http://ishindeyouthinitiative.or.tz/). They spread the idea of a necessity of early education in the population. They are supervising construction, running expenditures and organisation. They find and pay teachers and so on…

The second pillar is the social buisness stiftung located in Hamburg. (http://www.social-business-stiftung.org/ ). They are organising the funding, financial support and burocracy in the background. The social buisness Stiftung is a church-associated non profit organisation.

The Kindergarden building was finished in these last days and thus is ready to start its task. As the whole project is running on contributions, also running costs need to be financed via donators.

I hope very much to have gained your trust, either to start a direct contribution or to share this wonderful project with your friends, family or company. Every like and every share is allready one step forward!

If you seek for more information please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Of course you are most welcome to visit our homepages:


Home 1

or contact responsible people in the background.

So far thank you very much for being interested and sharing this and to all of you: Happy new Year 2017!!!

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