Protection and Education

Protection and education is everybody’s highest maxim when we speak about children. Also in Ishinde, a village in the region of Kilimanjaro and the home for about 5000 people, peoples most valuable property are their own children. It is a wonderful place with a flourishing nature and a large dominance of agriculture. In 1981 Fidelia and Moses arrived in Ishinde and settled down. Moses studied journalism and theology and worked as a pastor in the region. His wife was working for YWCA – Young Woman Christian Association – where one of their main projects has been to protect children and give them a possibility to visit a kindergarten.

They collected the children around the area and the little town church had become their place to play and to learn. The situation was poor however the community tried to protect their children from the bad luck of poverty and so the kindergarten was also a center of hope for the coming generations. Fidelia died in 2009. With her the hope died. The kindergarten project was just alive because of her ambition and now it was facing to just have been a temporary situation.

The heritage of Fidelia was taken over in the Fidelia Foundation, which was trying to keep the nursery school running; however it was facing too many problems.

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